Finding Joy

Welcome to our place! Things have gotten a bit ragged around here over the last few years.

After working out of my home for many years, a new job meant learning a new schedule at the same time my husband was taking college classes to finish up a degree. I was also recovering from a bad case of burnout as well as recovering from some health issues.

But finally, I feel like getting out and actually doing things. My stamina has returned and my husband and I are so excited to get our property back in shape.

We were a family of six, but with three out of the nest, it isn’t as easy to get everything done now with just three sets of hands.

I’ve decided that this year will be a year of no-shopping with the exception of what is really needed. Instead, I am going to be going through my collections and ridding myself of things that I no longer need or want.

Looking back over my life, I used to love to bake, prepare meals, sew, garden and, of course, travel. But I had pretty much become a homebody, vegging on YouTube videos and sleeping.

I am ready to live again!

So this blog and my YouTube channel is my place to share all of the joys I find right here in Arkansas.