Richland Creek Farm

Over the last several months, actually the last two years, I’ve been videoing various and sundry events, gatherings, tours, and visits. Maybe I should say collecting the videos because I’ve not been able to get them on YouTube.

Well, not been able is not correct either. I didn’t upload them to YouTube.

Being a perfection stopped me. As long as I was playing with the video software, I felt like I was really doing something. There was no way I was going to put a video up (and keep it there) until it was great.

What I was doing was really self-sabotage. After a couple of years of praying the rosary and just plain regular praying, I came across a book, The 5-Second Rule by Mel Robbins. I will do a post and video on her book later.

But, her book made me realize that God has put me in a unique position and if I don’t step up, I can lose this opportunity. So, as I said in my first post and video, I am way out of my comfort zone.

So I am flying into the wind, but no longer can I hide the stories that God has put in my path. The stories are there and my soul will not rest until they are told. I’ve always been a storyteller, but now it is not for money. It is for my heart and soul to be at peace. I do hope God gives me some money though. That would be cool.

ANYWAY……..this week Rhonda and Ken Rudder are my guinea pigs. Don’t judge them because of my lack of skill. LOL!!! Be sure to click the video link above.

Ken and Rhonda Rudder graciously showed me around their wonderful farm in El Dorado. I am so glad I was able to meet them and know you will love them too!

Meet them and be inspired. Be inspired to get up every day and go after that you wish you could do. Don’t miss an opportunity that God is laying out in front of you. I may not get any views, but one day I just might.

And you know what, if I don’t, that is okay. As long as I see God in what I am doing, then it is a great day.