It’s That Time Again — Happy May Day!

It has been a rather long year. Much has changed.

My Zephirine Drough died and I haven’t ordered replacements yet. There is a reason I chose not to replace them yet.

In two years we will be moving, God willing, to a new  place. Last year’s May Day post came only four days after we purchased a cabin in the woods very near the Champagnolle Creek in Calhoun County, Arkansas.

Several years ago, my beloved and I really began to feel the desire to move. God heard us, but he had a different plan than what we were looking to do.

We were unable to find a house we like, jobs didn’t pan out and our yougest hasn’t graduated high school yet. So it hasn’t been the right time to move. It still isn’t, but God brought us a new plan. A three-year plan. We’ve already gotten a year behind us.

Funny thing is, almost a year later, that three-year-plan has changed to a two-year plan and a differnt cabin. Our first little cabin needed very little by way of fixing up, but it is very small.

If we downsize, we can live in it. I struggled and asked God to help me release things. They are just things after all. Right?

But there is one thing I have struggled with and that is our dining table and my dishes. I love celebrating holidays with our children and my heart was aching at the thought of parting with that tradition.

But God knows me well and so does my husband. God made it possible to purchase a larger cabin, very near our first cabin.

This one however, is not move-in ready and we will need the next two years to fix it up and make it into my dream cottage-cabin.

My beloved husband built me a table from wide boards harvested from my grandparent’s home when it had to be taken down. He and all four of my children worked with him in creating this heirloom.

Unless God has other plans, I will be able to have a large living/dining/kitchen area that is large enough for my table, hopefully most of my holiday dishes and large living room sectional. I am beyond elated.

However, it is going to take some time. Below is my first YouTube video follow-along as we down size.

Please be in prayer for us. Once you see it, I am pretty sure you will not only be surprised, but definitely want to pray for us!